Unidentified Halton Woman

Born: 1913-1923.

Found: On or around October 23, 1978, near Chudleigh Farm (off HWYs 25 and 401, see map below).

Physical description: Female, white, 5'3" to 5'4" tall, 110-115 lbs with grey/white/blond hair. She was wearing the following: a) wool jacket: white, black machine made with dark buttons, b) hand-made top: green, yellow, orange and pink flower-pattern, c) heavy blue knitted sweater with wooden buttons, d) brown pants (size 36).

Distinct marks: Severe osteoarthritis in her right hip joint, lower thoracic, and lumbar vertebrae. She likely complained of back pain. She also was missing all her teeth for a significant length of time leading up to her death.

Other items found: The following items were found nearby:
- A pair of brown-rimmed eye glasses
- $1.18 CDN
- A blue nylon jacket
- A pair of purple socks
- A pair of men's cotton underwear
- A red, white, blue print handkerchief
- A white slip
- A pink blouse
- Red, white, black suit pants
- White, green blue wool scarf
- A pair of brown leather winter boots
- A pair of dark navy ladies shoes
- A brown wooden handle kitchen knife
- A blue plastic pen holder
- A pair of scissors
- Assorted buttons
- A pen and a pencil
- A plastic bag containing two Bibles

Case number: 20050067OPP