An Eerie Similarity

Today as the details of Rose Mary Friday's disappearance were being entered onto the site we were struck by an eerie similarity between her and the found, unidentified Halton Region Woman.

Friday went missing in June of 1974, though was not reported missing until October when her husband remarried and his new wife grew suspicious of Rose Mary's sudden absence (we haven't yet determined how he was remarried without a divorce or death certificate for Friday, but we will find out).

Four years after her disappearance, a woman's skeleton was found 30 minutes away from Brampton (Friday's city). 

It's important to note that the likelihood of there being a positive match is very low. Having said that, here are the similarities/differences:

Born: 1921

Last seen: June 19, 1974 at her residence in Brampton, Ontario.

Physical description: Female, white, 5'0" tall, 141 lbs, blue eyes, and straight, shoulder-length grey hair. 

Distinct marks: Scolliosis of thoracic spine, joint disease. She had mastoid surgery. Scars: on her arms (osteomyelitis), pelvis (hysterectomy, appendectomy, hernia repair), left shoulder (from surgery on a bony growth).

Born: 1913-1923

Found: A skeleton in 1978, near Chudleigh Farm (off HWYs 25 and 401). A 30 minute drive from Brampton.

Physical description: Female, white, 5'3" tall, 108-114 lbs. 

Distinct marks: Severe osteoarthritis in her right hip joint, lower thoracic, and lumbar vertebrae. She likely complained of back pain. 


Keeping in mind that a) The woman found in Halton was a skeleton and so weight and height would be approximated, and b) the skeletal nature of the remains would keep from checking the surface scarring of Friday it seems eerily close.

I have emailed the RCMP about doing further matches/dental comparisons so I will keep all of you in the loop.