New Photo and Info for Unidentified Halton Region Woman, Found 1978

I spoke today with a Detective with the Halton Regional Police Homicide Unit. He provided an extra photograph, and some extra key information:

Here is the original photo, and a colourized, zoomed image for clarity:

Original image, taken by Halton Regional Police, 1978

Colourized image, 2015

Here is key additional information given:

1. Rose Mary Friday has been eliminated as a possible match to the Halton Region Woman (which we previously speculated)  via X-Ray.

2. The autopsy of  the Halton Region Woman could not determine cause of death, and did not rule out (or in) homicide. 

3. She was entirely toothless for a significant period of time leading up to her death.

4. Her clothing is too disintegrated to take new photographs, but her remains may be available for facial reconstruction/approximation (we will update on this soon).

5. He provided the above additional photograph of her shoes. The arrow in the image is indicating where precisely the shoes were found, but they had to be moved to take a proper photograph.


Next steps: Facial reconstruction/approximation, checking to see if more robust items found with her (shoes, mainly) are available for further detailed photographs.