New details of personal items for Halton Woman, found 1978, released by Police. #KnowYourMissing

Since the first article we wrote regarding the Halton Woman, found 1978 in April 2015, a long list of personal items has been added to her OPP database page.

It is unclear if the items were found at the time of the remains' discovery, or during the later OPP search of the area. We do not yet have access to photographs of these items, and they are not yet publicly available. The following items were found near the remains and are believed to belong to the Halton Woman:

  • A pair of brown-rimmed eye glasses,
  • $1.18 in Canadian currency,
  • A blue nylon jacket,
  • A pair of purple socks,
  • A pair of men's cotton underwear,
  • Red, white, and blue printed handkerchief,
  • A white slip,
  • A pink blouse,
  • White, green, and blue wool scarf,
  • A pair of brown leather winter boots,
  • A pair of dark navy ladies shoes,
  • A brown wooden handle kitchen knife,
  • A blue plastic pen holder,
  • A pair of scissors,
  • Assorted buttons,
  • A pen and a pencil,
  • A plastic bag containing two Bibles.