Ideal next steps for the Halton Region Woman, found 1978

The more I look at the file on this found, unidentified woman, the more I am convinced that this project needs to exist. The RCMP listing gives a single, almost indistinguishable, black and white photograph of a scrap of clothing to help the public identify this woman. Keep in mind that they list some very unique clothing, such as a "green, and orange floral pattern" homemade jacket. 

Given the volume of evidence found, the ideal next steps would be to take photographs of her clothing. The RCMP report also mentions some very distinguishing features such as missing teeth and "severe osteoarthritis [in her] lower thoracic and lumbar" areas, resulting in high levels of pain. Moreover, (and especially considering there are some talented artists on the internet already doing this in their spare time), confirm whether an artist rendering could be done of her face to approximate her appearance.

After that, it would be a matter of distribution. Social media may not be the best way to go since she was found so long ago (1978) (her relatives and loved ones may not be the Twitter and Facebook types), but perhaps newspaper coverage could really help disseminate some new information about her.

I'll be contacting the RCMP, and will let you know how it unfolds.