National Missing Children's Day

Today at the Missed Lives Project we are thinking of the young people and children featured on our site and the many, many others who are or have been missing. Please take a moment in your day to look at the pictures of these 5 young individuals who are missing, and let local law enforcement know if you remember anything about them, or the time of their disappearance:

Folks from the Oakville region and community, please familiarize yourselves with the following two teenagers who went missing, and let Halton Region Police know if you have any tips/leads/or ideas:
Darlene Tucker, born 1966, went missing in 1983 from Oakville Ontario at the age of 16.
Jinisina "Jan" Stonehouse, like Tucker, was born 1966 and went missing in 1983 from Oakville at the age of 16. 

Folks from the Burlington region and community, please take a look at these two children who went missing and let Halton Region Police know if you remember anything about their cases: 
Marianne Schuett, born 1956, went missing from her elementary school in 1967. Please see her page for additional information, including an artist rendering of the suspect in her case.
Cameron March, born 1971, went missing from his neighbour's yard at the age of 4. 

Mississauga region and community, be sure to familiarize yourself with Chen, and report any leads to Peel Region Police:
Tina Fang Chen, born 1984, last seen in 2000 in Mississauga. It is thought that she may have travelled to the United States shortly after immigrating to Canada, but it is not confirmed.