Amanda Rudge: What we know so far

Amanda Rudge was born June 20, 1964. She is white, 5'4", 120 - 130 lbs with dyed blond (naturally auburn) hair. She has several piercings in each ear, and several tattoos: cherries on her shoulder, a butterfly on her ankle, and lettering on her toes. She had a (fixed) broken front tooth and may have had fractures from abuse. 

Rudge was last seen August 1991 (at the age of 27) at her residence on Enfield Place, Mississauga by her mother (see map below). 

There is speculation that she has connections to the United States. She reportedly frequented the Bloor and Lansdowne area of Toronto which at the time was a dangerous and crime-ridden area.

Beyond this information offered by her Missing Person listing, our preliminary searches have yet to turn up extra information. There are no newspaper articles, no police press releases, or extra photographs of her. This, of course, only makes us more determined.

We are trying to locate the high school she attended to track down her friends and family for more information and leads. According to current school boundaries, Rudge would have gone to TL Kennedy Secondary School, which has no record of her attending. Other options outside of that boundary (that would have been open in the 1977-1982 time frame that she attended high school) would be Woodlands Secondary School, Port Credit Secondary, and Applewood Heights.

If anyone has any information on Amanda Rudge, please contact us, send an anonymous tip, or leave a comment below.