We are currently looking into the details of this case and will post further details soon.

Unidentified Hamilton Man

Born: 1942-1967.

Found: April 18, 2007, in a forested area north of the intersection of Fiddlers Green Road and Glancaster Road (map below). He is estimated to have been deceased at some point between fall 2005 and fall 2006. 

Physical description: White, male, 5'7"-6'1" tall, grey/white hair 2-3" long. Wearing a blue and green jacket, a pair of "Wrangler" blue jeans (size 34"x34"), white "Fruit of the Loom" underwear, one white left shoe (size 9 1/2).

Distinct marks: He had no upper teeth for many years prior to death. He had one canine and two premolar teeth on each side of his lower jaw, and no front teeth. He also had no fillings. He likely wore a full upper denture and partial lower denture--both were likely old and worn. His remaining teeth were poorly cared for, he had cavities and a chronic abscess on both right and left teeth.

Other items found:  A folding knife in a sheath attached to his belt. A "Zebra" pen, "Bic" lighter, and a pair of "Trim" nail clippers. He wore a silver "US Army" watch on his left wrist (click images below for larger view).

Case number: 20070036OPP
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