Hamilton Man, found 2007: What we know so far. #KnowYourMissing

On April 9, 2007, a human skull was found in the Glanbrook area in a ditch on the west side of Glancaster Road (map below). Hamilton Police and Coroner Dr. Richard Porter investigated and a post-mortem was conducted at Hamilton General Hospital.

On April 18, 2007, the surrounding area was searched by Hamilton Police's Ground Search and Rescue Team (GSRT), O.P.P. cadaver dogs, and community volunteers, for remains and personal items. Cadaver dogs found human remains near Glancaster Road and Fiddlers Green Road. The scene was documented by the Hamilton Police Forensic Unit.

An autopsy on the additional remains confirmed they were a match to the original skull found in the area. The Coroner and Police Services released the following details of the individual:

  • He is a white male aged 40-65 (likely closer to 50-65),
  • 5’7” – 6’1” tall,
  • He has no upper teeth, but 6 lower teeth (which are visible in the facial reconstruction),
  • His time of death is estimated to be the summer or early fall of 2006, but could be as early as the fall of 2005 or spring of 2006,
  • He has grey or light coloured hair 2-3 inches in length.

 He had the following belongings with him:

  • A size 9 ½ white walking shoe,
  • A blue and green spring jacket,
  • A black leather belt,
  • Wrangler blue jeans sized 34” x 34”,
  • A pair of Fruit of the Loom underwear,
  • A silver folding knife in a black sheath attached to the belt,
  • Silver wrist watch removed from left wrist – Brand U.S. Army,
  • A lighter, pen and pair of nail clippers.

DNA was extracted and is available for comparison, forensic facial reconstructions have been completed and can be seen here, or on Hamilton Police Service's website. Hamilton Police have made several attempts to match this individual to similar missing persons cases, but without positive match.

If you have any information on the identity of this individual, please contact Hamilton Police Service at 905-546-4930.

(Click images below for a larger view).

Below is a map of the location remains were located April 18, 2007.