Darlene Yvonne Tucker

Born: October 8, 1966.

Last Seen: February 14, 1983 after leaving her parents home in Oakville, Ontario. She was in contact with her parents the months following her disappearance, calling from payphones in Huntsville, ON.  1985: Working as a waitress in Toronto, ON. 1987: In Huntsville (or Haliburton), ON with Jinisina "Jan" Stonehouse.

Physical description: White, female, 5'2" tall, 119 lbs, with brown hair and blue-hazel eyes.

Distinct marks: Was pregnant as the time her disappearance. A gap between her two front teeth. She also has a scar on one eyebrow, and on her right knee. She has allergies which cause her hands to break out in blisters. 

Leads: She may have left home due to being pregnant. She may be in the company of Jinisina Stonehouse, who is also missing.