Amber Jaffary: What we know so far

The circumstances around Amber’s disappearance are confusing and, as usual, scarce. Where there is more information available to sources are unreliable and unsubstantiated. I have complied the below facts from the sparse media coverage of her disappearance and the active forum on Unsolved Canada. Please keep in mind that we are trying to substantiate many of the claims made on the forum if you have information or corrections please contact us.

According to a forum post: on November 26, 1988* Amber Carrie Potts Jaffary “was 16 years old home having dinner with her mother. After dinner she spoke with her Grandmother on the phone. She then left her home on Rabbit Lane, Etobicoke, ON [map below, left]. to meet someone. That was the last time her mother saw her." 

The person she is said to be meeting was her friend Michelle, at a doughnut shop on Jarvis and Gerrard streets, downtown Toronto, Ontario [map below, right]. On the Unsolved Canada Forum, Michelle remembers “[Amber’s Mother] scouring the downtown alley's looking for Amber and coming up with nothing, she interrogated everybody that we knew and came up empty.”

Although Amber disappeared from (and was at the time living in) Etobicoke, she had previously lived in Muskoka, Ontario (though not originally from there). She is described by a friend as “full of energy," "happy," and "loved by so many."

If you have any information about Amber Carrie Potts Jaffary, please contact us, or your local law enforcement.

More details on Jaffary to follow.



The general region of Jaffary's home


The general region of Jaffary's destination

*This date may be incorrect as the official report claims she went missing on the 26th of November.