We Work To...

EMPOWER families/loved ones to attain all necessary community services, including police and victims’ services, search campaigns, but also emotional and mental health support.

ENGAGE communities, both with regional search campaigns for the missing, and in research dissemination via education and outreach initiatives.

RESEARCH to compile information and statistics on missing people to educate and impact policy in Canada.

LOBBY for families and loved ones of the missing to ensure they receive the attention, care, and resources they deserve from all regional services.


There is a massive number of missing individuals, of whom there are over 300 gone longer than one year, and over 200 unidentified remains, unclaimed for longer than one year, in Ontario alone (as listed on RCMP and OPP databases). 

Currently, marginalized, racialized, and criminalized demographics have much lower solve rates for homicides, and a similar level for missing persons cases. In part this is due to unbalanced media coverage for missing individuals, which results in less community awareness (and therefore fewer tips, fewer search campaign volunteers, less funding for billboards and flyers).

The inquiry, "Towards More Effective Missing Women Investigations," by Dr. Melina Buckley found 6 key issues with common missing persons protocols:

  1. Negative treatment of the family

  2. Lack of communication with the family
  3. Lack of information about relevant procedures
  4. Lack of support for the family
  5. Lack of community engagement 
  6. Complex media relationships

The Project addresses these key issues, and levels the playing field so anyone needing assistance publicizing or searching for their missing can connect with their community when they need to most.

Our Mission

The Project seeks to raise awareness of missing persons by using all forms of communication and research to connect families to their communities and regional supports. The Project will identify gaps in services to propose strategies and policy alterations to improve advocacy for the communities of missing persons.