Newspaper Articles Consulted:

November 15, 2002. John Burman. Police hunting predator; Same man believed involved in murder case. The Hamilton Spectator.

November 16, 2002. John Burman. Details of attack point to predator; Victim of sex assault provides information linking several cases. The Hamilton Spectator

November 22, 2002. Lori Fazari. Predator hotline generates 'good leads'; Police get 20 tips on assaults of street people. The Hamilton Spectator

March 6, 2003. Laura Kupcis. Has sexual predator struck again?; Downtown attack on woman has task force looking for links. The Hamilton Spectator

April 1, 2003. John Burman. Dogs in search for two missing women; Police believe women may be victims of predator who killed prostitute Kimlyn Tolgyes. The Hamilton Spectator

June 5, 2003. Susan Clairmont. Cops hunting predator focus on white car; Important clue was buried in paperwork. The Hamilton Spectator

August 23, 2003. Paul Legall. Police dogs scour north Burlington area; Search resumes for remains of missing women as 'serial predator' grows bolder in attacks. The Hamilton Spectator

August 23, 2003. Susan Clairmont. Rapist and killer profiled as young, intelligent, 'driven'; Police say he attacks women his own age, needs to dominate. The Hamilton Spectator

August 29, 2003. Police search for missing women. The Hamilton Spectator

February 20, 2004. Meredith Macleod. Police probe 7 men in rapes, murders; More than a dozen attacks made on sex trade workers since '01. The Hamilton Spectator

May 28, 2004. Stacy O'Brien. Cops disband task force; Fewer leads in attacks on sex workers. The Hamilton Spectator

July 30, 2004. John Burman. Police analysing sex-assault similarities; Cops compare incident with attacks on sex-trade workers. The Hamilton Spectator

August 12, 2004. Barbara Brown. Fitness hearing for sex accused; Man charged with assault has mental disorder: MDs. The Hamilton Spectator

December 3, 2004. Barbara Brown. Czech 'walking time bomb' jailed; Man who attacked prostitute faces deportation. The Hamilton Spectator

July 23, 2005. Paul Legall. Sex assault arrest sparks probe into unsolved cases; Project Advocate dossier includes woman's murder. The Hamilton Spectator

March 5, 2007. Paul Morse. A high-risk lifestyle. The Hamilton Spectator

January 17, 2008. Paul Morse. Student charged in attacks on sex trade workers. The Hamilton Spectator

June 05, 2012. Susan Clairmont. Felicia Floriani: A short and troubled life. The Hamilton Spectator


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