The Missed Lives Project in the News

"Know Your Missing" in The Anvil

"What to do if someone you know disappears" by CBC News

"Missed Lives Project raises profile of missing people" by CBC News

"Missed Lives" with Lisa Laco, Superior Morning, CBC Radio

"The Missed Lives Project with Alissa Watt" by Bob Hunter, Deputy Coroner for San Bernadino County, In Search of the Missing

"New non-profit aims to crack cases of missing Hamilton women" by Samantha Craggs, CBC News

"A non-profit has popped up that aims to help families locate a missing loved one" on The Scott Thompson Show

"Never Forget: Missing person volunteers continue searches" by Molly Hayes, The Hamilton Spectator


Government Reports on the Missing 

Fast Facts on Canada's Missing Adults and Children, 2014 - Government of Canada

"Forsaken: The Report of the Missing Women Commission of Inquiry" by The Honourable Wally T. Oppal  

All documents pertaining to The Missing Women Commission of Inquiry, 2012

"Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women" - RCMP

"Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women: A National Operational Overview" - RCMP

"Response to Royal Canadian Mounted Police Regarding Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women: A National
Operational Overview"
by Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centres (OFIFC)

"The Left-Behind Parents' View of the Parental Abduction Experience" - Marlene L. Dalley, Ph.D, and RCMP


Advocacy Resources (If you are missing, check out these resources)

1 in Four - A hub of resources for victims of violence

Aboriginal Multi-Media Society

Amnesty International - No More Stolen Sisters

Native Women's Association of Canada

Native Women's Centre, Hamilton

Ontario Native Women's Association

Support for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and their Families

Woman Abuse Working Group, Hamilton

"How Was Your Trip? Self-care for Researchers Working and Writing on Violence" - Kimberly Theidon


News Articles on the Issue of Missing People in Canada

"1,000 native women murdered, missing in Canada over 30 years: RCMP" by Tonda MacCharles

"1,186 murdered and missing Indigenous women over past 30 years: RCMP" by Kenneth Jackson

"Breaking one of Canada's best kept secrets" by Audrey Huntley

"Canada commits 'grave violation' of rights of aboriginal women: UN report" by The Canadian Press

"Disproportionate number of women killed in Canada aboriginal: RCMP" by Global News Staff

"Living in fear of being written off as another 'high-risk' aboriginal woman" by Peter Scowen

"Missing Women: Canada can't hide anymore" by Meghan Rhoad

"RCMP to update report on missing and murdered aboriginal women" by Tanya Talaga

"Why I don't oppose a national inquiry on MMIW" by âpihtawikosisân