We are currently looking into the case. More details to follow.

Unidentified Hamilton Man

Born: Between 1918-1948.

Found: October 8, 1978 in Hamilton Bay at the shoreline at the east end of the Hamilton Harbour, south side of the Skyway Bridge near the Queen Elizabeth Way 3 km north of the Burlington Street cutoff (map below). He was thought to be in the water for months or years.

Physical description: Male, approx. 5'4" tall, 140 to 150 lbs. Wearing a red wool sweater, white shirt, green pants, and brown (short) socks.

Distinct marks: Upper right central incisor has a silicate/resin restoration. Robust jaws and dentition. Impacted wisdom tooth on lower left jaw, he still had his appendix.

Other items found:  None reported

Case number: 20050057OPP